AGB Progress Awards

AGB Progress Awards

Bye bye 252, Hello AGB Progess

Great news to all new archers and existing club members who would like a challenge and develop their skills further with the bow.  We are changing our existing clubs 252 challenge to the new Archery GB Progress award scheme.  This will allow archers to progress through to and link up with other AGB awards, like the classifications scheme:-

  • Archer Tier: Third, Second, First Class
  • Bowman Tier: Third, Second, First Class
  • Master Tier: Master, Grand Master, Elite Master

For more information on the classifications scheme, see out classifications page

So, what is the “The Progress Award Scheme”?

The scheme is a set of awards for new archers after completion of their beginners’ course

The Archery GB Progress Awards Scheme is for new and current archers who wish to boost their skills and knowledge. The scheme is a great motivator, encouraging archers to go further in the sport while having fun – with badges and certificates awarded for achievement along the way.

The nice thing about the awards is that it doesn’t matter which bow style you use, all archers are welcome. It also doesn’t matter about your gender as there’s not a separate scheme for women and men.

There are five badge colours you can receive – White, Black, Blue, Red and Gold – each colour depicting a particular skill level, and you can gain them in any order you like. So, if you have a particularly good session and get the scores for a Red or Gold before you’ve received your White? Then that’s perfectly fine. You just can’t claim more than one badge from one set of scores.

There’s a separate set of badges for indoors and outdoors, so you can chart your progress across both seasons. The indoor rounds are shot at 20 yards and are shot on a 60 cm Portsmouth target.  The outdoor rounds are shot at difference distances, but they are either on an 80 cm face or a 122 cm face.

You’ll need three qualifying scores to be awarded each badge. To gain a qualifying score, you will need to shoot 36 arrows in a single session, and everyone gets six sighter arrows to start.


There are five different age groups: U12, U14, U16, U18, and Seniors.  Clubs can also offer an Over 65 award group, should they wish, using the U16 scores.

Outdoors for ALL bow styles, 5 zone scoring is used for the 122 cm face and 10 zone scoring for the 80 cm face. Indoors, 10 zone scoring is used for ALL bow styles but Compounds must use the inner 10 ring to score 10.

How to claim a badge

After completing each round, you must get a witness to sign your card. Once you have achieved three scores reaching the required amounts pass the cards to me or take a photo to send. After i have received and checked your scores i will present you with the appropriate badge. Please ensure you have your name, category, bow style, distance, total score, golds, arrows shot and misses.  (Hopefully not too many)

If you any questions regarding this exciting new award scheme please let me know. My contact details can be found here.

A summary of the AGB Progress Scheme including the required scores, can be found here on our AGB Progress Awards

Good shooting!



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