Grand Order of the Carrot, Flash Tournament!

Grand Order of the Carrot, Flash Tournament!

Reproduced with permission Grand Order of the Carrot, Flash Tournament!. Copyright 2024, Asgard Archery.

On Wednesday 12-Jun-2024, a small group of intrepid ‘gardeners’ planted a number of ‘carrots’ in our field of play.

These ‘carrots’ are field ground markers that are player, (as our ground is also used for football) and mower safe. They were used to mark our new Shooting Line, Wait Line, Tent Line and all the regular distance Target Lines, that is:-

A Yellow Yards Carrot

10 Yards

20 Yards

30 Yards

40 Yards

50 Yards

60 Yards

80 Yards

100 Yards

0 Metres

40 Metres

50 Metres

60 Metres

70 Metres

90 Metres

Our Field of Play is now permanently marked up so that setting up for both club days and open tournaments will be a lot easier!

On Saturday 15-Jun-2024, the ‘carrots’ ‘grew’ into something more, and the Grand Order of the Carrot emerged to decree a flash tournament for all our members present on the club day.

This tournament was a World Archery round of the members choice from the following that were on offer:-




Grand Order of the Carrot, Flash Tournament

Metric 122-50

Metric 122-40

Metric 122-30

Members chose a distance they were happy with and shot their six dozen arrows, recording scores in the normal way, but with the addition of misses in the grass. The Order were tight lipped on what this meant.

The results are now in, and can be found here and the meaning of the grass has become clear!

A small gallery of images from the tournament can be found here



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