AGB Classification Tables

AGB Classification Tables

The ArcheryGB classification system is a structured progression scheme designed to help archers track their development in the sport. It sets achievable targets and goals at each level, enabling archers to measure and celebrate their progress

Archer Tier

The Archer tier represents the entry level of the classification system, designed for club-level archers. It is an attainable milestone that most archers can achieve within their first few years in the sport.
This tier is managed by the clubs records officer

Bowmen Tier

Archers at this level typically participate in tournaments ranging from club-level to national competitions. They are well-versed in shooting formal archery rounds and have gained experience in the sport.
This tier is managed by the clubs records officer

Master Tier

The level of consistency for the Master level increases significantly, as the number of arrows shot also increases. Archers must shoot these rounds at UKRS or WRS events. There are three levels at the master level, Master, Grand Master & Elite Master these levels represent the pinnacle of the archery classifications.
This tier is managed by the ArcheryGB

Outdoor Classifications





Indoor Classifications

All bow styles are included in one document for the indoor classifications

All Bow Styles