AGB Progress Awards

ArcheryGB Progress Awards

The AGB Progress Award scheme is a structured program designed to enhance your shooting skills at varying distances while also acknowledging your progress and accomplishments. Widely adopted by archery clubs across the UK, this scheme is inclusive to all archers, regardless of age, skill level, or type of bow used

The awards can be undertaken at verity of distances, for all bow styles, in both an indoor and outdoor setting.  Additionally there are both imperial and metric distances on both 122cm and 80cm faces when shooting the outdoor awards

Upon successfully attaining the required score on three separate occasions, participants become eligible to receive a badge and certificate as recognition of their accomplishment.

The scheme has age groups for the following ages:

  • Under 12’s
  • Under 14’s
  • Under 16’s
  • Under 18’s
  • Senior
  • Over 65, (the scores required are the same as the U16’s)

To make an award claim three signed and witnessed score sheets must be submitted to the club’s progress awards coach.  These can either be submitted in person on a club day, or via one of the many scoring apps

Full details of the scheme can be found on the ArcheryGB website, Progress Award Scheme

Updated:  04-Jul-2024, Added CMB ArcheryGB Progress Awards Score Sheet