Ongoing Coaching

Ongoing training is when you are trained repeatedly over multiple sessions rather than just one. This training approach has been shown to improve job performance, retention, motivation, engagement, and job performance

Our coaches work with you after you have completed a beginners course, to create a process that will help you think critically, think creatively and help you to achieve your full potential

We offer hour-long training sessions every month that concentrate on one area to help students maximize their learning

It takes place on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. It takes place indoors so it cannot get rained off and we can shoot and listen without the distraction of normal club day shooting

“The coaching is not about correcting each individual’s faults”

The work we do together is aimed at UNDERSTANDING why we shoot in a particular way. And about KNOWING when we have made a good shot, by how it feels or what we can see happening

Much work is done in pairs, taking turns at being archer or observer, so each archer gets a second opinion on the shots they make.  The observer and the archer compare what they saw happening.  The coach cannot observe every archer on every shot so the pairs system is more efficient.  The coach explains what is being worked on, so the archer and the observer both know what they will be looking for.

Eventually observing becomes a natural part of the sessions. Some archers may find they like the observing part and may want to help on future beginners’ courses.

More Information

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