Field Archery

Field Archery

What is Field Archery

In short, shooting at both 2D and 3D targets set at unmeasured distances in woodland

Field archery immerses you in the natural beauty of woodland settings, offering an exciting variety of terrain and shooting conditions.  Small groups of archers move from one target to the next, completing the course as they go

The targets are strategically placed at different distances, adding an element of surprise and challenge, as all NFAS shoots feature unmarked (unmeasured/unknown) distances.  The targets typically consist of paper animal faces or 3D foam animals, each with three scoring areas

This dynamic and engaging discipline not only tests your skills but also brings you closer to nature

Where we shoot

Our partnership with Purbeck Archers, allows us to shoot in their beautiful woodland every Sunday morning. Most Sundays, you’ll find a group of Canford Magna Bowmen navigating the woods, honing their skills in this picturesque setting

If you’re a member eager to join us for field archery, you’ll need to become a member of Purbeck Archers and complete their field safety training. This ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone

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