Jez Mckinley

Jez Mckinley

Head Coach / Secretary

Arranges & runs beginners courses, runs regular coaching sessions for all members. As the club secretary he is the first point of contact for the club.

Shoots: Olympic Recurve & Barebow


Club Role Title: Secretary


  1. Maintain accurate records of club meetings, including agendas, minutes, and attendance.
  2. Coordinate communication between club members, committee members, and external stakeholders.
  3. Handle club correspondence, including emails, letters, and phone calls.
  4. Assist in the organization of club events, meetings, and activities.
  5. Manage club documentation, including membership records, policies, and bylaws.
  6. Assist in the preparation of reports, presentations, and other documents as needed.
  7. Provide administrative support to club officers and committee members.
  8. Manage club calendars, schedules, and appointments.
  9. Ensure compliance with club policies, regulations, and legal requirements.
  10. Uphold confidentiality and professionalism in handling sensitive club information.