Matt Carstensen

Matt Carstensen

Tournaments Organiser / Records Officer

Arranges & runs our club, open & virtual tournaments. Coordinates entries for our members attending open tournaments around the country. Field Captain. Maker of wooden arrows.  Runs Asgard Archery.

Shoots: Longbow & Compound Happy to help with longbow, wooden arrows & compound.  Makes wooden arrows.


Club Role Title: Tournaments Organizer


  1. Plan, organize, and oversee all aspects of sports tournaments hosted by the club.
  2. Coordinate with external organizations, teams, and officials to schedule tournament dates and logistics.
  3. Manage tournament registration, including team entries, player registrations, and fee collection.
  4. Arrange facilities, equipment, and resources necessary for tournament operations.
  5. Liaise with referees, umpires, and other officials to ensure smooth conduct of matches.
  6. Communicate tournament details, schedules, and updates to participants, spectators, and stakeholders.
  7. Monitor tournament progress, resolve issues, and ensure compliance with rules and regulations.
  8. Evaluate tournament outcomes, gather feedback, and identify areas for improvement.
  9. Collaborate with club committees and volunteers to execute successful tournaments.
  10. Uphold the club’s values, promote sportsmanship, and contribute to the overall success of the club’s sports programs.