Open Tournaments

Open Tournaments

Open tournaments are competitive events held by clubs, that welcome archers from any club and any skill levels to compete in an event and against one another. These tournaments are designed to promote the sport of archery, foster community among archers

Open tournaments are vibrant events that offer a mix of competition, camaraderie, and community spirit. They provide a platform for archers of all levels to showcase their skills, learn from others, and enjoy the sport in a structured and supportive environment

Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the sport, participating in or attending an open tournament is a fun enriching experience, that will improve your archery and expand you circle of friends

Open tournaments provide archers with the opportunity to win various prestigious awards, such as WA Stars, WA Target Awards, Tassels, Arrowhead Awards, and Rose Awards. Additionally, participants have the chance to set national and world records and progress through the three highest levels of classification

  • Master Bowmen
  • Grand Master Bowmen
  • Elite Master Bowmen

For more information on the scores required for all the classifications see our classifications page

There are hundreds of tournaments across the UK and farther afield every year, some of the best resources for finding tournaments to attend are

Brighton Bowmen Tournaments Diary

ArcheyGB Tournaments Dairy

In addition our tournaments orgniser curates a list of tournaments that are local(ish) to us and submits club entry forms to the tournaments our members wish to attend.  Full details can be found here on our Open Tournaments Club Entries

Canford Magna Bowmen Tournaments

All Canford Magna Bowmen tournaments can be found on our Tournaments page, our Facebook page and the ‘Archery Tournaments in Dorset & Wiltshire’ Facebook page

For more information on tournaments, do not hesitate to contact our tournaments orgniser