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Call to Shoot! The 2nd Bray I Knockout Tournament

We will be holding the 2nd Bray 1 Knockout Tournament over the last weekend of November and the first weekend of December.

Saturday 30-Nov-2024 09:00 - Ranking Round
Shoot a single Bray I round to get your tournament ranking.   (Two and a half dozen (30) arrows, at 20 yards on a forty cm target).
Saturday 07-Dec-2024 09:00 - Head to Heads
Head to Heads,...

Grand Order of the Carrot, Flash Tournament!

Reproduced with permission Grand Order of the Carrot, Flash Tournament!. Copyright 2024, Asgard Archery. On Wednesday 12-Jun-2024, a small group of intrepid ‘gardeners’ planted a number of ‘carrots’ in our field of play. These ‘carrots’ are field ground markers that are player, (as our ground is also used for football) and mower safe. They were used to mark...