Call to Shoot! The 2nd Bray I Knockout Tournament

Call to Shoot! The 2nd Bray I Knockout Tournament

We will be holding the 2nd Bray 1 Knockout Tournament over the last weekend of November and the first weekend of December.

Saturday 30-Nov-2024 09:00 – Ranking Round

Shoot a single Bray I round to get your tournament ranking.   (Two and a half dozen (30) arrows, at 20 yards on a forty cm target).

Saturday 07-Dec-2024 09:00 – Head to Heads

Head to Heads, where you shoot knockout matches of five sets to knockout your opponent and move to the next round.

Please add the dates to your dairy’s, come along and have some fun!  Sign up here 

This is currently a club tournament, but if there is interest and agreement from the club we accept entries from local clubs.

Full details and prospectus


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